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- Notes, problems, and limitations
Description of this release

Matrox PowerDesk software includes a display driver and display utilities.
With this software, you can take full advantage of your Matrox graphics
hardware and you can access additional Matrox display-related features.

To install Matrox PowerDesk, start the "setup" program included with it,
then follow the on-screen instructions.

The setup program will only install software if a Matrox graphics card model
supported by the setup program is installed in your computer.
More information

For more information on Matrox PowerDesk, see the help file included with it.
For information specific to your Matrox graphics card, see your Matrox or
system manual.
Notes, problems, and limitations

- DirectDraw, Direct3D and DirectVideo support

The DirectDraw driver we provide is compatible with DirectX 2 (and
later) and includes Direct3D support. For our DirectDraw/Direct3D
driver to be called, and benefit from hardware acceleration,
Microsoft DirectX 2 (or later) MUST be installed, even for programs
originally made for DirectX 1.

Also, if a recent version of DirectX isn't installed, some Matrox
PowerDesk features may not be available.

We provide DirectX on the Matrox CD-ROM. The latest DirectX is
available from the Microsoft Web site, and is included with many
DirectX programs.

IMPORTANT: If the DirectX setup program prompts you to replace the
existing display drivers, click "No". Otherwise, the setup program
installs display drivers which are not as optimized as the Matrox
drivers and which do not support PowerDesk software.

Note that depending on the origin of your Microsoft DirectX software,
it may not include DirectVideo support. For faster playback of Indeo
and Cinepak AVI files, you should install Microsoft DirectVideo

- Matrox bus mastering

This driver supports bus mastering. Bus mastering is a feature that
allows expansion cards to perform tasks at the same time as your
computer's CPU. If you have a fast Pentium computer (faster than
166 MHz), the display performance of most programs is improved when
bus mastering is used.
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