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1. Overview
2. Contents
3. Installation
4. History
5. Release Notes
6. Known Bugs and Operating Notes

1. Overview

This CD contains the ELSA Display Driver for Microsoft Windows 95.

The driver supports 256, 32768, 65536 and 16 Million colors in
all resolutions available on used ELSA board.

2. Contents

This directory contains the following files:

README.TXT the file you currently look at
LIESMICH.TXT german version of README

ELSADIPD.DRV display driver file for DIPLomat
ELSADIPX.DLL driver extension (DirectDraw/Direct3D HAL)
ELSADIPV.VXD virtual mini display driver DIPLomat
ELSADIP.INF device information file for DIPLomat

In case of trouble during or after installation, please make
sure you have all the files mentioned above!

3. Installation

This section describes the steps to install an ELSA Display
Driver for Windows 95.

To install the drivers, start the program SETUP.EXE in this
directory. The installation assistant will help you to install
the driver with the control panel.

3.1 First installation of ELSA Display Driver

First install Windows 95 without special drivers for the ELSA
graphics board. The installation procedure should
find a PCI VGA-compatible display adapter and ask for a
"Driver from disk provided by hardware manufacturer".
- Push the "OK"-button
- "Copy manufacturer's files from:"
CD-Drive: this directory (e.g.: E:\WINNER\3000S\WIN95)
The neccessary files will be copy and Windows 95 asks for
- Push the "Yes"-button

After the restart the configuration of the ELSA display adapter
Driver starts from the Windows desktop.

- Start the dialog "Properties for Display" by clicking right
mouse button on the desktop or per Control Panel.
- Select the Property Page "ELSA Settings" .
- Property Page Settings:
Standard-Windows-Dialog for changing resolution, color
depth and font size.
- Property Page ELSA Settings
ELSA Settings gives you full control to configure your ELSA
display adapter perfectly. You can change resolution, color
depth and refresh rate, screen position etc.
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