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Diamond Fire GL 1000 Pro README

Release 1098

This README file contains the following information:

1. General Information
2. System Preparation
3. Multiple graphics cards under Windows 98
4. Choosing a Monitor
4.1 Windows NT Refresh Rates
4.2 Windows 95 Refresh Rates
5. Features and Restrictions
6. Diamond Multimedia: Support & Service

1. General Information
For a complete overview of the contents of this CD, please refer
to the contents document available during installation.

Read this README file and all the documentation
supplied BEFORE you continue the installation.
These documents contain useful information that will help you
complete the install procedure as quickly and easily as possible.

2. System preparation
Follow these steps before beginning the installation procedure:

1) If you are upgrading the graphics card in your system, return
the display adapter settings back to 'Standard VGA', then remove
the graphics card to be replaced from your PC.

2) Follow the hardware installation instructions provided with
your card before beginning the software installation.

If you plan on installing Diamond Autocad productivity tools
(BigFocus for ACAD 13 and 3DWin ACAD 13/14), make sure that
Autocad release 13 or higher is correctly installed first.

3. Multiple graphics cards under Windows 98
The Diamond Fire GL 1000 Pro can be installed as both primary
and secondary device under Windows 98. To install a secondary
graphics adapter, follow the instructions for installing a
single card first. After installation for the first card has
been completed, add the second card and repeat the software
installation procedure. The system BIOS determines which
card is the primary adapter.

4. Choosing a Monitor
In order to make the best use of your Diamond Fire GL 1000 Pro
board, the capabilities of graphics monitor you choose should
match those of this board.
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