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ASUS Display Drivers Readme for Windows 98 and Windows ME

Supported Cards and Motherboards:

ASUS V3800 Series
ASUS V6600 Series
ASUS V6800 Series
ASUS V7100 Series
ASUS V7700 Series
ASUS V8200 Series


Installation Steps

You can use 4 methods to install Windows 98/ME display driver:
We suppose the path of your driver CD is "D:\" and use Windows 98/ME as an

Method 1 (PnP installation)
1. Remove your previous video adapter and plug your ASUS display card in system.
Start Windows. Windows will find a new device and pop up a PnP dialog
that asks for its driver.
2. Type the "D:\Win9xMe" for Windows to find the INF file of ASUS display card.
3. Windows will install its driver automatically and then request for
4. Choose Yes to reboot your system. The driver will work when Windows
comes up.
5. Note that this method will not install DirectX runtime libraries and
VGARTD driver.

Method 2 (Display property page)
1. Start Windows, switch display to VGA mode, then restart.
2. Press right key of mouse on your desktop and select "Properties".
3. Click the "Settings" tab.
4. Click "Advanced...".
5. Click "Change" button on the right of the first item "Adapter".
6. Click "Have Disk.." button - "Install from Disk" box will appear.
7. Click "Browse" button - "Open" box appears.
8. Select your CD drive in the "Drives" selection on the bottom.
9. Double click "Win9xMe" in the "Folders" selection.
10. "AsusNv9x.INF" appears in the filename selection.
11. Click "OK" button.
12. You will see a list of video cards. Select type of your VGA card
and click "OK".
13. After copying all files of the driver, it will back to
"Change Display Type".
14. Select Monitor type if necessary.
15. Click "Close" button and "Display Properties" box appears.
16. Click "Apply" button and "System Setting Change" box appears.
17. Click "Yes" to restart your Windows.
18. When Windows starts up, your video adapter is now ready to use.
19. Note that this method will not install DirectX runtime libraries.
You must install it by yourself. You also can not uninstall display
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