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SAA713x Release Notes (Version 02/19/2004 )
WDM: - fixed memory leak in the AudioCapstream class
- fixed power down/up modes for the tuner HW
- sample rate will be set to 32MHz only
- VBI bugfix for WHQL
- Changed default route of the crossbar to S-Video
- VBI pin can be connected to CC decoder and WST
at the same time via a smart tee
- Added SECAM D/K support to the silicon tuner

Note: Be sure that a NTSC signal is connected to the S-Video
input during the WHQL
Version 01/30/2004
WDM: - Uncorrect GPIO object has been used to feed the
GPIO layer
- Volume, treble, mute, bass and dolby pro logic has
function via the audio device properties
- Added silicon tuner support with FM radio ( tested on application
board from Philips with the TV/FM radio switch on GPIO 21)

HAL: - Bugfix for VBI system crash, due to uncorrect handling
of the overflow buffers

TunerLib: - Corrected FM frequency offset

Notes: - For WHQL make sure the default country code on the system
is supported in the tuner front end, due to the fact the "Blink"
test, checks in the Tuner interface test the default country, if
it is selectable via the SetCountry code property.
- The silicon tuner is tested on the reference design from Philips
only and also the FM radio part is tested in Germany only.
The FM radio mode via SIF will be activated and configured
with the folllowing registry entry:

"FM Radio IF" = 0x729555 (5.5MHz) (default value: 0xdeeaab 10.7MHz)
e.g.: HKR, "Audio", "FM Radio IF",0x00010001,0x729555
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