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Ame Group TV Tuner Serie AVI to VCD
AVI file decoder TVphone98 w-VCR and AverStudio
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Windows 95-98
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If you are using avi2vcd to encode DV video, then you should read this file.

Generally, there are no issues with encoding Type 2 DV avi files, however, if you
attempt to encode Type 1 DV avi files, you may experience the following error message:

"Error attempting to read audio from Type 1 DV .avi file
Re-render video with video editor and try again!"

This occurs when DirectShow reports to avi2vcd that a Type 1 DV file with
48KHz audio has 32KHz audio! Usually this occurs when you try to encode
a Type 1 file directly after capture from a DV camera. If this file is first
edited with an video editor (such as Media Studio Pro) then re-rendered to a
Type 1 DV file, avi2vcd can usually encode this fine. I have not been able to
correct this problem as yet, but I am still working on it. In the meantime,
it does not affect most individuals since generally avi files are edited after
capture and before encoding.

A simple workaround for the above issue is to set your camcorder to 32KHz 12 bit
audio. This seems to works fine even with Type 1 DV files.

Some camcorders work better during capture if they are powered through the AC
adapter rather than the battery. Check your owner's manual.

Sound quality: If you experience poor quality audio, generally described
as noise, when encoding Type 1 DV files, It may be related to the combination
of the version of DirectX on your system and the version of the qdv.dll in
your system directory. Try rerendering your DV file to Type 2, or use 32KHz audio.

Pinnacle DV500 Owners:

Please note that avi2vcd cannot read DV files produced by the DV500 if they are larger
than 2GB, as these files are OpenDML. This is a problem for me as well as I also own
a DV500, so it is definately on my list of things to fix.
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