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This device driver could only work on Windows 95, which helps to lock the scanmode ALWAYS to UnderScan mode by software. This is very useful for playing games in Windows 95.
The default mode for our MulitPro Plus is Overscan, but a user prefer to play game in UnderScan to see the total scene. As you know, some games use different VGA modes for their different game scenes. Whenever VGA mode is changed, the scan mode of MultiPro Plus will change back to its default mode – OverScan. Therefore, in this case, it is a little annoying for users to set it back to UnderScan mode when the VGA mode is changed.
To solve this problem, we provide this software controlling solution – aitmtpro.vxd, a device driver for totally UnderScan mode locking. By activating the locking switch ON, the scan mode is always set to UnderScan mode despite your VGA modes changing, which will make our game player’s life easier.
There are some guidelines for installing/removing and using this device drive:
1. To install the driver, run the setup.exe program following the instruction. The ‘aitmtpro.vxd’ will be copy to your windows system directory and some modification will be made to your system registry.
2. To remove the driver, go to ‘Control Panel’ , select ‘Add/Remove Programs’ -> ‘Install/Uninstall’ -> ‘AITech MultiPro Plus’ and press button ‘Add/Remove..’.
3. To use this driver, you have some hotkeys to toggle the locking switch and control the screen position, that is:
Ctrl + Alt + U : switch between UnderScan always locking On and Off.
Ctrl + Alt + W : move screen UP, invalid when not locking
Ctrl + Alt + Z : move screen DOWN, invalid when not locking
Ctrl + Alt + A : move screen LEFT, invalid when not locking
Ctrl + Alt + S : move screen RIGHT, invalid when not locking
Ctrl + Alt + H : display Help information
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