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Linksys WPS54GU2
Operating Systems
Windows 98Se-Me-2000-XP
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A Power on your PC.
B The Adapter comes with the
USB cable you will use to connect
the Adapter to your PC.
Connect one end of the USB
cable to the USB port of the
Connect the other end of the
USB cable to one of the USB
ports on your computer.
C The Power LED should light up
when the Adapter is plugged
D Raise the antenna. Make sure
the antenna is positioned
straight up into the air, at a 90º
angle from the Adapter. This
will ensure optimum wireless
operating range and performance.
After connecting the Adapter to your
computer, you install the driver, and
then configure the Adapter.
A Windows XP automatically
detects the Adapter. Insert the
Setup CD-ROM into your CDROM
drive. Click the radio button
next to Install the software
automatically (Recommended).
Then click the Next
B You may see a screen that
informs you that the Adapter
has not passed Windows Logo
testing . This driver software is
tested and works correctly with
Windows XP. Click the Continue
Anyway button.
C When the driver software is
intalled by Windows, click the
Finish button.
A After installing the
Adapter, the Windows
XP Wireless
Zero Configuration
icon appears in
your computer’s
system tray. Right
click the Icon and
select View Available
Wireless Networks.
B The screen that
appears will show
any available
wireless network.
Select the network you want.
If this network has WEP encryption
enabled, go to step C.
If this network does not have
WEP encryption enabled,
make sure the box next to
Allow me to connect to the
selected wireless network,
even though it is not secure is
checked. Then click the Connect
button, and go to step D.
C If WEP is enabled, enter the
WEP key of your wireless network
in the Network key field,
and re-enter it in the Confirm
network key field. Click the
Connect button.
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