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Lanier 1110AG-BG
Fax - MFD
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Windows 3.x-95-98-98Se
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The LANIER M1110 MFD has a built-in RS232 serial port
interface that may be connected to your personal computer. Via
the accompanying print driver on this diskette, the LANIER
M1110 can be interfaced as a 300 x 300 D.P.I. printer for
Microsoft Windows.

To install the LANIER M1110 MFD, you must connect the device
to your personal computer. You then install the print driver into
your Microsoft Windows System.

Hardware Installation:

1. Shut down your computer.
2. Turn off the LANIER M1110 MFD.
2. Plug one end of the data cable into the RS232 connector port
of your LANIER M1110. Plug the other end of the data cable
into the serial port of your PC.
3. Turn on your LANIER M1110 MFD.
4. Power up your PC,

Software Installation:

1. Insert the print driver diskette into the A: or B: drive.
2. Run "setup.exe" from Windows.
for Windows 3.1: From the Program Manager, select "File",
then select "Run".
for Windows 95: Choose "Start", then "Run".
In the box that appears, type A:\setup or
B:\setup and click "OK".
3. A printer installer dialog will appear.
a. Choose the communication port to which you have
connected the print device.
b. Begin installation by selecting "Install".
4. If the installation is successful, you must also configure of the
serial port of your PC to match that of the LANIER M1110 device.

The configuration for LANIER M1110 MFD is:
Bits per second (Baud Rate): 19200 or 38400
Data bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop bits: 1
Flow control: Xon/Xoff

The baud rate of your LANIER M1110 MFD is set at 19200
or 38400 in factory. To change the baud rate, consult the
users' guide for LANIER M1110 MFD or call your
authorized dealer for details.

To change the serial port settings for your PC.
for Windows 3.1:
a. Open the "Control Panel", then open "Printers".
b. Select and highlight "LANIER M1110 MFD on
COM..." from the "installed printers" list.
c. Click the "Connect" button. On the "Connect"
dialog that appears, click "Settings".
d. The "Settings for COM..." will appear. Adjust the
port settings to match those of the M1110 device.
Note that the Drop-down list box for "Baud Rate"
may not include the selection of 38400. To set
38400 as the baud rate, move the focus to "Baud
Rate" Drop-down list and then type the number
"38400" in the box.
for Windows 95:
a. Open the "Printers" folder. (Choose "Start",
"Settings" then "Printers")
b. Select the LANIER M1110 MFD printer.
c. On the "File" menu, select "Properties". Click the
"Details" tab and then select "Port Settings" button.
d. Adjust the port settings to match those of the
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