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This documentation includes the Printer Driver that is used to print out PC data on the GV-
SP2, that are not mentioned in the instruction manual.
Please read this document before use.

Application Printer Model: GV-SP2
Application Version: JVC GV-SP2 Printer Driver Ver. 1.0
(Created 24 Feb. 2000)
-Operating Environment:

There are variations of the USB interface in various brands of personal computers.
Therefore JVC cannot guarantee that your computer will be compatible with this printer.
-Enabling the USB terminal:

Some PCs cannot use the USB connector under default settings at time of purchase even if
Windows(R)98 has been pre-installed and a USB connector is present.
The USB driver cannot be installed because the USB interface has not been enabled for
these PC models.
If you have purchased such a PC, it is necessary to set it to use the USB connector before
installing the USB driver.
Note that the setting procedure differs depending on the PC in question. Please refer to the
instruction manual for your PC.
The following is a general example of the required procedure.
1. Turn on the PC's power.
2. Enter BIOS setup mode before Windows(R)98 starts.
The method of entering BIOS setup differs depending on the PC model.
Please refer to your instruction manual for details.
3. Search for the USB function. If it is disabled, enable it.
4. Exit BIOS setup mode.
5. Start Windows(R)98.
6. Depending on the PC model, install the host USB driver.
7. Depending on the PC model, install the USB hub driver.
The above procedure will enable the USB connector.
Note that the above is a general example. If you have any questions, please contact the
manufacturer of your PC.
After making settings, read the GV-SP2 instruction manual and install the USB driver and
printer driver.
-Setting bi-directional communications:

The GV-SP2 printer driver uses the bi-directional communications feature of the printer
After installing the printer driver, check the GV-SP2 printer property screen to confirm that
the bi-directional feature of the printer spool has been turned on.
General example of confirming driver settings.
1. After the printer driver has been installed, select the "Printers" folder inside the "My
Computer" folder.
2. Right click on the GV-SP2 printer and select "Properties" to display the "Properties"
screen for the GV-SP2.
3. Left click the "Details" tab to open.
4. Left click the "Spool Settings" button to display the "Spool Settings" screen.
5. Check that "Enable bi-directional support for this printer" has been selected.
If it has not been selected, select it now.
6. Press the "OK" button and close the "Spool Settings" screen and "Properties" screen.
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