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Citizen IDP3550
Operating Systems
Windows 95-98-98Se-Me-NT4-2000-XP
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File Name
1. Operating system
2. Printer models and drivers.
* If your printer has auto cutter and you do not want to use the auto cutter function, please choose
the model name with “No cut” or No cutter model. If you choose the model with cutter function,
it cuts the paper at end of each page. However, cut style depends on the specification of the
* IDP3420 / 3421 / 3423, IDP3545 / 3546, IDP3550 / 3551 have emulation mode for CBM, Star and
ESC/POS. We have drivers for CBM mode and drivers for ESC/POS mode.
* Older dot matrix printers do not have connector for cash drawer.
* Drivers for all thermal printers support graphic printing and drivers for impact printers except
“342x ESC/POS mode” do not support graphic printing.
3. DIP switch setting of printer and Port setting of Windows
PRINTER: Please choose bigger size of buffer, if the printer allows you to choose it.
PRINTER: Please choose CR=CR only, if the printer allows you to choose it.
BOTH: Serial communication conditions (Handshake, Baud rate, Data length, Parity) have to
correspond between printer side and Windows side.
BOTH: XON/XOFF is recommended for handshaking.
If you have strange results on serial interface model, please try as follows.
From the property page of printer driver,
Details --> Port Setting --> Advanced
Then disable "use FIFO buffers"
or make Receive Buffer/Transmit Buffer at lowest label.
4. Installing the driver
By executing the downloaded file, the several directories are made for each operating system.
Make sure where drivers for your operating system are located.
5. Printer fonts
6. Character conversion table for 80 – FF (hex) characters
7. Barcode
* Size of barcode can be selected by choosing font size.
The Barcode size is vertical size. It is calculated as follow:
Printing size (in inches) = Barcode size divide 72
* HRI characters can be added by special functions.
* Each barcode has limitation of characters to use. Please refer to the user’s manual for the details
of limitations.
* These fonts will not be shown correctly.
8. Graphic printing function
9. Special functions
10. Paper sizes and recommended margins
A) Length
B) Width and margin
11. Example of usage by Microsoft Word
12. Example of program by Visual Basic
13. Remarks
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