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Citizen CBM1000II Label
Operating Systems
Windows 2000-XP-2003-Vista
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1. Operating system
Citizen Systems drivers are designed to work on any of following operating systems.
Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (The functions in terminal mode are limited.)
Microsoft Windows Vista
2. Supported printer models and interfaces
* CD-S500/501/503 have emulation mode for CBM, Star and ESC/POS. The driver for the model is for ESC/POS mode.
* CD-S501 and CD-S500 use same driver.
* Japanese driver is available separately.
Supported interfaces are
Serial interface
Parallel interface
(Please note that driver installation procedure in this document does not cover the steps for Ethernet.)
USB Virtual com driver
If you use CT-S280/PMU2xxx/BD2-222x USB interface model or CT-S2000/4000/310/281/PMU2xxxII with setting for V-COM, USB drivers need to be installed before Windows driver installation.. Please refer to the separate manual for USB driver.
Status function
For the driver with the status function (language monitor) to get the changed status of printer, another document is available. Please refer to the document for the function..
Because the driver with status function could make the printing software unstable, if you do not have any demand to use status function, please use the standard driver.
3. Installing the driver
These instructions use Windows XP as the example operating system. Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 are similar. Significant differences are noted.
This explanation is for first time installation. For the installation after second time, there could be more steps or the screen can be different.
The file for the driver is ZIP file. Please extract the file first.
4. DIP/Memory switch setting of printer and port settings of Windows
The printer drivers are designed to work with the factory default settings for the printer.
To set the printer to the factory default settings please check the printer’s users manual.
If you are having trouble with a serial port printer (RS-232) please refer to appendix A.
5. Using the printer
5.1 Printer User Interface
Follow the steps bellow to access the custom part of the user interface for the printers:
Select the printer properties for the printer driver by right clicking on the printer icon.
6. Printer fonts
7. Barcode
8. Graphic printing function
Following printer drivers support graphic printing.
Windows fonts (TrueType fonts) can be printed by these drivers as well.
9. Special functions
To use special function of printer, it is necessary to send specified character in “Control” font or to send specified character in “xx cpi“ font. Both “xx cpi [Euro]”, “xx cpi [Ext.]” font.
Windows font (TrueType font) does not work for the special functions.
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