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2. Hardware requirements
• IBM compatible personal computer running Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 or XP.
• USB 1.1 or 2.0 port.
• To allow hardware schedule of SIS-PM events to continue working with the managing computer switched off an extra power adapter 9VDC 0,5? is required (optional);

3. Package contents

The package contains:
• User manual
• USB cable;
• CD with software
• Adaptor(optional, not included)
4. Installation of SIS-PM

• It is strongly recommended to avoid damp or wet places for installation.
• SIS-PM should be connected to the European AC wall socket of the standard DIN 49 440;
• SIS-PM can be connected to the computer first and then to the power socket or vice-versa.
• It is possible to connect the SIS-PM to the power source via other multi-plugs, surge protectors, voltage regulators or UPS.

5. Connection of other devices to the SIS-PM

• Two (the first and the last) sockets of the SIS-PM are marked with the symbol . These two sockets are switched on and off by means of the main power switch of the SIS-PM and cannot be managed by the computer. It is suggested to use these two sockets to power up the managing computer and the hardware schedule adapter;(Optional)
• The sockets: Socket 1, Socket 2, Socket 3 and Socket 4 can be managed or preprogrammed by computer via the USB interface.
• SIS-PM can be used with other multi-plugs and/or surge protectors;
• You are NOT to connect SIS-PM to powerful machines with inductive type of load, for example: welding machines, washing machines, electric drills etc...
6. Switching SIS-PM on and off, connection to the managing computer

• The SIS-PM should be switched on and off by means of the main rocker switch.(Red Plastic switch)
• To protect electrical installation from possible high current and short circuit the SIS-PM is equipped with the automatic circuit breaker;
• The power voltage for the manageable part of SIS-PM is derived from the USB port of the managing computer, (or when the USB cable is disconnected, from the external power adapter).
• If the SIS-PM is switched on then the red indicator “POWER” will light up. In this case both sockets marked with are now “live” and connected to the power supply;
• The manageable sockets of SIS-PM (marked with Socket numbers) can be connected to or disconnected from the power supply depending on the computer initiated or preprogrammed events. The current status of each manageable socket is represented by the corresponding indicator. E.g. Red lamp will be lit if socket has power to it.
• The moment the SIS-PM is connected to the working computer via the USB cable an audible beep will be heard indicating that the SIS-PM is operating correctly;
• If you want the hardware event schedule to work with the manageable computer switched off, the optional power adapter 9VDC 0,5A should be connected to one of the sockets marked with the sign , (or into a wall socket),and its VDC connector should be connected to the corresponding socket +9VDC of the SIS-PM.
• Install enclosed software Gembird Power Manager.
• Further follow the software guide instructions (see below).
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