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Table of contents

1. Placement and storage
1.1 Placement
1.2 Storage conditions
2. Introduction
3. Installation
3.1 Connecting the UPS to the power utility
3.2 Charging the battery
3.3 Connecting loads to the UPS
3.4 Testing the UPS
3.5 Overload
4. UPS management and indicators
4.1 Front panel
4.2 Warning beeps
4.3 Rear panel
4.4 Data interface with the computer
5. Troubleshooting
6. Technical specifications
7. Warranty
1. Placement and storage

1.1 Placement

The UPS should be placed in upright position in a protected from excessive dust and direct sunlight area that has a normal airflow. The operating temperature and humidity should be within the below-mentioned limits (see the technical spec below). Besides, please, pay attention to the precautions mentioned above in the “important safety warnings” section.

1.2 Storage conditions

If the UPS is not going to be used for a long time, it should be stored in a covered, cool and dry place. Before storing the battery should be fully charged. To charge the batteries fully before storing the unit please, connect the UPS to the power utility for at least 8 hours. If the UPS is going to be stored for a very long time it is recommended to switch it on for at least 12 hours every 6 months.

2. Introduction

Important notice!

This manual contains installation and operating instructions of the Golden shield UPS as well as some basic information about the way it works.

Please, keep the original packaging of the Golden shield. The packaging has been specially designed to protect the UPS from eventual damages during the shipment. Please, note that the damages caused by using the wrong packaging of the UPS are not covered by the warranty.

3. Installation

3.1 Connecting UPS to the power utility

The UPS is supposed to be connected to the power utility with the voltage from 220V to 240V. If there is no utility power present the UPS will continue to provide power to the connected units with the root-mean-square voltage of 220V.

Depending on the model you bought the UPS can be supplied with or without the output power cables for connection of the loads. If the output power cables are not enclosed with the UPS you can purchase them separately.
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