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Hitachi CML175B
Operating Systems
Windows 95-98-98Se-Me-NT4-2000-XP-Vista
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Monitor INF Disk for Windows®
1. Monitor INF Disk
This monitor complies with DDC. If your computer
system (including the video adapter) complies with
DDC, you will obtain the optimum performance from
this monitor.
Please use this "Monitor INF Disk" if your computer
system does not comply with DDC, you will then
obtain the optimum performance from this monitor.
2. Installation Procedure
This procedure for installation may be different
amongst the various versions of Windows®. In this
event please follow the instruction messages
provided by Windows®.
( 1 ) Start Windows®95.
( 2 ) Click the "Start", go to the "Settings", and select
"Control Panel".
( 3 ) Double-click the "Display" icon in the "Control
Panel" window. The "Display Properties" window
is opened.
( 4 ) Click the "Settings" folder tab in the "Display
Properties" window.
( 5 ) Click the "Advanced Properties" in "Settings".
( 6 ) Click the "Monitor" folder tab in the "Advanced
Display Properties" window.
( 7 ) Click the "Change" in the "Monitor".
( 8 ) Click the "Have Disk" in the "Select Device"
window, then the "Install From Disk" window is
( 9 ) Insert the "Monitor INF Disk for Windows®"
into the floppy disk drive (usually configured as
Drive A on PC).
(10) Select the name of the floppy disk drive into
which you inserted the "Monitor INF Disk for
Windows®" into the "Copy manufacturer's
files from" window. Click "OK".
(11) Select your monitor from the list of available
"Models" in the "Select Device" window. Click
(12) Click "Close" in the "Advanced Display Properties"
window, and click "OK" in the "Display Properties"
The installation is completed.

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