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Hama RF Cordless Mouse
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MS-Dos-Windows 3.1-95-98-NT4
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- Before you install the driver on Windows 3.1, please install the
DOS driver first.

- If you have installed another mouse driver/software on your system,
be sure to remove it first.
Installation Guide for Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4.0
Run setup.exe on this diskette is the fatest way to install this software.
However, you can also change the mouse driver manually:

- Windows 3.1
1. Quit Windows 3.1. In your Windows directory, type SETUP at the
MS-DOS prompt and then press ENTER.
2. Use the UP ARROW key to move the highlight item up to "Mouse:" and
press Enter. A screen listing the available mouse drivers appears.
3. Use the DOWN ARROW key to scroll to the bottom of the list. Select
"Other, " and then press Enter.
4. Insert this disk and press ENTER. Follow the instructions to
complete the driver installation.
5. Attach your mouse and start Windows 3.1.

- Windows 95 & Windows NT 4.0
1. Click on "Start " button and point "Settings".
2. Click on "Control Panel".
3. Double click on "Mouse" icon and display "Mouse Properties".
4. Double click on "General" Tab in the Mouse property dialog box.
5. Click on "Change..." button and display "Select Device".
6. Click on "Have Disk..." button and display "Install From Disk".
Insert this disk and change "Copy manufacturer's files from" to
to this directory (eg: "A:\") and then click "OK" button.
7. Click on "OK" button after displaying "Select Device" with the
supported items and selecting the appropriate one.
8. "Mouse Properties" will be displayed and you can certify the name
which you choose.
9. Use Keyboard from now on. Highlight "Close" button by "Tab" key
and press "Enter" key. (There might be the case to take some time
to be displayed "Close" button.)
10. Restart the Windows 95. (Remember to take this disk out and attach
the mouse before restart.)
Uninstallation in Window 95 and Windows NT 4.0
1. In Control Panel, open "Add/Remove Programs".
2. In Install/Uninstall tab, select from the list and click on
the "Add/Remove" button.
3. Follow the instruction on the screen to complete the
uninstallation procedure.
Installation Guide for DOS
Using the INSTALL program (install.exe) is the fastest and easiest way
to set up the DOS driver. However, you can also perform a manual
installation through the following procedure:

1. Copy the contents of the Install disk to a single directory on
your hard disk, as in this example:

md c:\imouse
copy a:*.* c:\imouse

2. Examine your CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files for possible
conflicts involving other pointing device drivers. Either remove
such lines, or edit them to reflect your new installation, as
outlined below.
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