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Installing the PCI-1225 Cardbus Controller Support for Windows 95

This installation is only necessary if you have a Windows 95 installation. It is not
needed for Windows 98.

1. Insert the Application and Driver CD in your CD-ROM drive.

2. From the Drivers tab select PCI-1225 Cardbus Controller Support and click Install.

3. At the Welcome window click Next.

4. The files will be copied to your computer.

5. At the Setup Complete window, click Finish to restart your computer.

6. Upon reboot, you may be prompted to insert your Windows 95 CD-ROM. Insert it in the
CD-ROM drive and click OK.

7. Then go to Control Panel and double-click on

8. At the Welcome to PC Card Wizard window, select No, and then click Next.

9. At the following window select No again, and then click Next.

10. At the next window click Finish.

11. At the System Settings Change window, you will be prompted that you must turn
your computer off. Click Yes to do so.

13. Power on your computer, and the cardbus controller will be enabled.
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