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Maxtor Maxtor ShaRed Storage
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The firmware for the Maxtor Shared Storage Drive includes software licensed under the GNU General Public License ("GPL Software")

Software Updates
GNU General Public License
Copyright Notice for GPL Software

NOTE: The MSS will automatically restart after the update. Please make sure that there is no one using your Shared Storage Drive during the update process!

1. Download the file file to your Windows desktop. Unzip the files to your desktop. You should see three files called mss_v_1_2_2.bin, GNU General Public License.txt and LINUX MSS Linux Copyright Notice.txt.
2. Double click on Maxtor Quick start icon on your desktop.
3. Once the MSS is located on your network, select it and click NEXT.
4. Select Drive ManageMent
5. This will open up a web browser. If you have applied a password to the unit it will pRompt you to enter it at this tiMe.
6. After entering you password select ADVANCED SETTINGS > SYSTEM MAINTENANCE > SYSTEM UPDATE.
7. Click Next.
8. After clicking next you will have to browse for the Software Update file.
9. Click on Browse.
10. Select the mss_v_1_2_2.bin file fRom wherever the file was saved to.
11. Click Open.
12. Click Upgrade.
13. Once the update is finished you will get a confirmation screen letting you know that your Shared Storage Drive has been updated successfully.
14. Click DONE
To verify that the system has been updated look at the firmware revision in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

It should read whatever version of software that you downloaded.

The following features are not available on Maxtor OneTouch drives:
1. Drive ManageMent
o Run Diagnostics
o Adjust Performance
2. Security Settings

Step-by-Step Instructions
1. Power down and disconnect your OneTouch and/or your Maxtor OneTouch II drive(s) fRom your Windows PC.
2. Download and extract the file Winot1to2UP.EXE to your Windows desktop.
3. Once extracted, double-click on Setup to launch the Installation.
4. Follow the onscreen pRompts to complete the Installation.
NOTE: Reference Maxtor Knowledge Base Article for detailed Installation procedures.
5. When finished restart your PC for changes to take effect.
DisclaiMer: This DocuMent is provided as is without any warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. In no event will MAXTOR CORPORATION be liable to you for any damages, including any loss of profit or savings, arising out of the use or inability to use the information contained in this docuMent. Maxtor Corporation makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents hereof and specifically disclaims any implied warranties of Merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.


Users have identified issues when connecting OneTouch External Drives to FireWire Ports on their Mac G4 and/or G5 computers. These Problems range fRom system hangs, kernel panics to slow data transfer rates. The cause of these problems has been traced back to the FireWire Driver. Maxtor has resolved these problems through updated FireWire Drivers.

Installation Instructions:

NOTE: This Update is required when using a OneTouch Drive as a bootable device. Maxtor suggests that you dismount and disconnect your FireWire Drive before continuing.
Download oneTouch_os_x_update_sept04_2003.pkg.sit fRom this web site.
Extract oneTouch_os_x_update_sept04_2003.pkg.sit to your Macintosh G4 or G5 that the Maxtor OneTouch drive is connected to.
Suggestion: extract the file to the Desktop of the Mac that you will connect the OneTouch Drive to. Upon extraction, the OneTouch OS X UpSep 04 2003.pkg package appears.
Double-click on the OneTouch OS X UpSep 04 2003.pkg file.
Authenticate with the appropriate naMe, password or phrase and click OK.
The WelcoMe Screen appears click on the Continue button.
Select a destination for the update (e.g., Macintosh Hard Disk) and click on the Continue button.
When pRompted, click on the Install button to start the update.
A warning will appear informing you that the system will need to be restarted after the update. Click on the Continue Installation button to proceed.
When finished, click on the Restart button.

Step-by-Step Instructions:
Disconnect all External, FireWire drives fRom your system.
Download and extract the file oneTouch_fw_mac_os9driver.sit to your system's desktop.
Access the Extensions folder found within the System folder.
After accessing the Extensions folder:

Drag the existing Maxtor FW Driver fRom the Extensions folder to the Trashcan.
Drag the new, Maxtor FW Driver fRom the Desktop to the Extensions folder.
Restart your System and remove the old, Maxtor FW Driver fRom the Trashcan.
Reconnect your FireWire drives to you Mac.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Before you install:

Quit any other programs that are running, including virus-protection programs, because they might interfere with Installation.
Make sure you have the naMe and password for an administrator user account on your computer. Mac OS X requires you to enter this information during Installation.
Make sure Apple Disk Copy version 10.1 or later is installed on your computer. By default, Mac OS X includes the correct version of this program.
To install this update:

Download MacOS_X_Eng_Update.dmg fRom this web site.(It is recomMended that you use Safari to download the Disk Image.)
Once you've downloaded the MacOS_X_Eng_Update.dmg file, The file is normally automatically unpacked by Mac OS X after downloading. If the disk image doesn't mount automatically, double-click on the .dmg file to mount it. If that fails, and the file does not look like a disk image file, do a "Show Info" on the file, and, in the "Open with application category", choose Disk Copy.
Double-click on Install Retrospect Express.
Authenticate with the appropriate naMe, password or phra
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