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HD Controller & Removable drive
LSI MegaRaid Express 100
Operating Systems
MS-Dos 6.22
Version Driver
Size Driver
File Name
OEM Name : AMI
Release date : April 04, 2001
Product Name : DOS 1.26.6-2 Package
Component Name(s) and Version #:
Components: For DOS 5.x and up
Current Release:
Installation Package Version : 1.26.6-2
ASPI Driver Version : 1.26.6
Megaconf Version : 5.10
AMI CDROM Driver Version : 1.02

Previous Release:
Installation Package Version : 1.26.6
ASPI Driver Version : 1.26.6
Megaconf Version : 5.05
AMI CDROM Driver Version : 1.02
Changes in package 1.26.6-2


1. Fixed problem displaying 256MB cache memory.
2. Fixed error handling when trying to bring drives back on-line.
3. Fixed automatic configuration problem.
4. Miscellaneous fiber channel fixes.
5. Support of rebuild of physical drives upto 40(earlier upto 8) now
on a 40-ld card and upto 8 on 8-ld card.
6. Enhanced logical drive size selection field in new logical drive configuration.

You can get latest MegaRAID Firmware images and Drivers and Utilities
from AMI web Site or contact Tech Support at
[email protected]

Installation Instructions

where are:
/h INT 13h support is not provided
/v Verbose mode. All messages are displayed on the screen.
/a Physical drive access mode. Permits direct access to
physical devices
/q Quiet mode. ALl messages except error messages are



File Listing

File Name Size Date Time
AMICDROM.SYS 4,752 07-18-95 9:48p
MEGACONF.EXE 301,090 02-12-01 11:46a
MEGASPI.SYS 51,998 06-21-00 8:42p
README.TXT 2,218 04-03-01 5:23p
HD Controller & Removable drive
LSI MegaRaid Express 100
Operating Systems
Windows 2000
Version Driver
Size Driver
File Name
1. OEM Name : AMI

2. Product : MegaRAID Windows 2000 Signed Driver for 8LD
Controller (MRaid35x.sys)

3. Release Date : 03/16/2001

4. New Version Release : 2.68

5. Previous Version Release : 2.64
Reason for Release (including Bug Fixes and Enhancements and Feature added)

Version: 2.68
1. The timeout value has been increased from 2 sec to 60 sec in case of stand
by condition. This increase has been done because the adapter cache was not
able to flush in such a short time.
Version: 2.67
1) When the controller was configured as a boot controller, the driver
used to receive write commands after shutdown commands. This was not handled
properly and was causing problems with the shutdown. This has been fixed.

2) The mapping of physical drive to the logical drive was incorrect when seen
from the power console utility. This has been fixed.
Version: 2.66
1) In Windows 2000 the Power Button can be configured as a shutdown button
for ACPI complaint systems. When such a power button is pressed under
heavy I/O conditions, the OS used to hang. This has been fixed.

2) Fixed hang conditions when shutting down or restarting the system under
heavy I/O conditions.

3) Fixed some SNMP issues.

4) Fixed some non-Disk Devices issues when connected to the MegaRAID controller.
Version: 2.65
1) Bug Fixed for the "Unsafe Removal of the Device" Message occuring due to the
migration of Logical Drive from one RAID level to another RAID level.
1) No merging of Sequential Reads and Writes.

Installing Windows 2000 on a MegaRAID Array
These installation procedures are for the following MegaRAID controllers:

Series 418 - MegaRAID
Series 428 - MegaRAID Ultra (Enterprise 1200)
Series 434 - MegaRAID GT (Enterprise 1300)
Series 438 - MegaRAID Ultra 2 (Enterprise 1400)
Series 466 - MegaRAID Express Plus (Express 200)
Series 490 - MegaRAID Express 300
Series 467 - MegaRAID Enterprise 1500

Using bootable diskettes or booting from CD, start Windows 2000
installation. If booting from CD you must use a controller, such as
IDE, that supports Bootable CD. The MegaRAID controllers do not
support Bootable CD.

1) Use the Ctrl-M or WebBIOS utility to configure an array on the
MegaRAID controller.
HD Controller & Removable drive
LSI MegaRaid Express 100
Operating Systems
Windows NT4
Version Driver
Size Driver
File Name
1. OEM Name: LSI

2. Product Name: MegaRAID Windows NT 4.0 Driver (Mraid35x.sys)

3. Release Date: 10/04/2002

4. New Version Release: 4.10

5. Previous Version Release: 4.09
Version: 4.10

Bug Fix:
1. Utilities are issuing 0xc3 calls for getting the logical drive statistics.
We have seen some utilities are requesting 40LD statistics but send buffer
less than 40LD statistics size. This is causing the system to crash.
This bug has been fixed in the driver by returning all the calls with less
buffer size (< 40LD statistics size) without copying any data successfully.
Version: 4.09

1. Support added for 520 and 518 controllers.

Known Restrictions/Bugs:

1. Performance will degrade if NT service pack 5 or higher is not installed.
Installation Procedure:
1. To install the MegaRAID driver during installation of NT from floppy diskettes, select S at the
appropriate time to select the MegaRAID driver on diskette.
2. If installing NT from a bootable CD (IDE or non-MegaRAID SCSI), press the F6 key when the following
message is displayed:

"Setup is inspecting your computers' hardware configuration."
Then select S at the appropriate time and select the MegaRAID driver on diskette.
Driver Installation Upgrade:
1. To install the MegaRAID driver on an existing NT configuration, select the SCSI Adapters in the NT
Control Panel.
2. Select the Driver tab and select the Add button.
3. Any previously installed MegaRAID Drivers should be removed prior to installing a new one. Select the
Remove button to remove the driver.

Determining the version number of the MegaRAID driver
To display the version number of the MegaRAID driver you are currently using, do the following:
- Bring up the Windows Explorer
- Under View-Options, make sure Show all files is selected
- Go to the \WINNT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS folder and find either MEGARAID.SYS or MRAID35X.SYS
- Right click on the file and select Properties.
- Select the Version tab to see the version number

If both MegaRAID.SYS and MRAID35X.SYS files are present, determine which one is currently started by doing the following:
- Go to the NT Control Panel and Select SCSI Adapters
- Highlight the MegaRAID Adapter and select Properties
- The driver name is listed under the Driver tab
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