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LSI MegaRaid Explorer 500
Operating Systems
Windows NT4
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File Name
Power Console Plus Package 2.01-2-SVR-PCP-SNMP-MON

Release Date: 01/05/00
Operating System Support: Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0

MegaRAID Firmware Images
This package has been tested with the following firmware
images. If you are using the standard AMI product (not
an AMI product from an OEM), we recommend that you
upgrade to these images (or later).
Enterprise 1200 (428) - UF80
Enterprise 1300 (434) - AR79
Enterprise 1400 (438) - GH89
Enterprise 1500 (467) - H70L
Express 000 (762) - 2.12
Express 200 (466) - GH6B
Express 300 (490) - H931
Explorer 500 - H30H
MegaRAID 418 - M76
Components Version
Megasnmp.dll 1.8
Raid.tdf 1.04
Megaraid.mib 1.08a
Megaserv.exe 2.31
Megactrl.exe 5.03
Raidserv.exe 1.38
Reg_serv.exe 1.12
Reg_main.exe 1.15
Instserv.exe 3.11
Explorer.sys 1.03
Mraid35x.sys 2.27

Changes in ver. 2.01-2

1) Do not log battery messages if adapter is in
Cluster mode in Megaserv .
2) Implemented new option "-logProgXXXX" in Megactrl
Where XXXX represents time in seconds between two
check consistency progress reporting.
In running check consistency, it affects number
of times of entries in event log for check consistency
progress report.
Do not try the option before the service is started at least once.
3) Changes are done to fix the HCT Phase-I failure in driver.
4) With no logical drives being configured, the exposure of
physical hard drives to the NT OS is prevented.
5) Support for Extended SGL added.
6) Scatter Gather element support increased back to 100
7) drivers support cache flushing.
8) Fix for crash_Dump test. The test was failing due to the
memory allocation failure for the Non-Cached Extension.
9) Fix for memory alignment bug.

Changes in ver. 2.01-1
1) Verified support for all MegaRAID controllers.
2) The Megaraid.sys driver has been renamed to Mraid35x.sys.
When loaded, any previous driver already started named
MegaRAID.sys will be stopped.
3) The incorrect NT service name for Raidserv.exe was being
displayed. It has been changed to Raid Server Alert.
4) Default policy for new logical Drives changed to:
Stripe Size: 64KB
Read Policy: Normal
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