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Installation Guide for the Symbios SDMS Drivers: SYMC8XX.SYS V4.15.00
SYM_HI.SYS V4.13.00
SYM_U3.SYS V5.05.00

This file describes the features and use of the Symbios SDMS device
drivers for the Windows 4.0 operating system environment. LSI Logic
uses the same filenames for their drivers for different Windows operating
systems. The driver files are packaged either in separate subdirectories
based on the Windows operating system or on different flex disks.

To determine the driver file for Windows NT 4.0, note that the filename ends
with ".sys". For example, SYMC8XX.SYS. (The same is true for Windows 2000.)
To determine the operating system version, go into Windows Explorer,
display the driver file, right click on the filename, click on Properties,
click on the Version tab. Finally, click on the Internal Filename in the
lower section. For Windows NT 4.0, the filename appears as filename (NT 4.0).
For example, SYMC8XX.SYS (NT 4.0).

This file contains these sections:

Introduction for Windows NT 4.0
Symbios Devices Supported

Installing the SYMC8XX.SYS/SYM_HI.SYS/SYM_U3.SYS Driver(s)
New System Installation
CD-ROM Installation
Boot Floppy Disk Installation
Existing System Installation
Windows NT 4.0
Performance Tuning for NT 4.0
Large Block Size Support
Maximum Number of Concurrent I/Os
Disk Mirroring
******************** Introduction for Windows NT 4.0 ********************

Windows NT 4.0 is an operating system designed to run on processors using
current technology. It provides a graphical user interface environment
incorporating many high-level features (refer to the Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
documentation for details). An I/O manager handles I/O requests in Windows
NT 4.0. To address a SCSI peripheral, the I/O manager goes through the
appropriate drivers. Class drivers for hard disk, floptical, CD-ROM, printer,
and scanner peripherals are provided in Windows NT 4.0.

Other class drivers, provided by peripheral manufacturers, may be added to
support new devices. Tape device support is built into the operating system
itself and does not require a class driver. Microsoft provides the port
driver and LSI Logic provides the miniport drivers, which are called
SYMC8XX.SYS, SYM_HI.SYS, and SYM_U3.SYS. These drivers complete the path to
a Symbios controller or processor with an optional SDMS SCSI BIOS. The next
sections describe these drivers and their installation.
* * * * * * * * * * * Features * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Symbios miniport drivers support these features:

o Ultra160 Data Transfers (for SYM53C1010)
o Domain Validation
o Synchronous negotiation (including Fast SCSI/Ultra SCSI/Ultra2 SCSI)
o Wide negotiation
o Tagged command queuing
o Multiple host adapters
o Multiple Logical Unit Numbers (LUNs)
o Allows Disconnect/Reselect
o Scatter-Gather
o Provides Differential support
o SCSI pass-through functionality
o Disk array configurations with no LUN 0
o Disk array configurations with non-contiguous LUNs
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