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HD Controller & Removable drive
Exsys EX-1435
Enclosure USB 2.0 for 3.5" IDE hard disk
Operating Systems
Windows 98-98Se-Me-2000-XP-Linux 8,2 or higher-Mac
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Cypress USB Mass Storage Driver Release Notes
The Cypress USB Mass Storage Driver provides support for the entire line of Cypress USB Mass Storage
products (AT2, FX, FX2, ISD200, ISD300, and SL11R-IDE) on Windows 98 Second Edition, Millennium Edition,
2000 Professional, and XP Home and Professional.
The driver release consists of the following files:
 TPP200.inf ? ISD200 driver setup information
 TPP200.sys ? ISD200 driver
 TPP300.inf ? ISD300 driver setup information
 TPP300.sys ? ISD300 driver
 TPPFX.inf ? AT2, FX, and FX2 driver setup information
 TPPFX.sys ? AT2, FX, and FX2 driver
 TPPSL11R.inf ? SL11R-IDE driver setup information
 TPPSL11R.sys ? SL11R-IDE driver
 TPPIOSTB.inf ? I/O subsystem port driver setup information
 TPPIOSTB.pdr ? I/O subsystem port driver
 TPPIOSMP.sys ? I/O subsystem filter driver
 TPPUI16.dll ? 16-bit user interface library
 TPPUI32.dll ? 32 bit user interface library
 TPPALDR.exe ? Autoloader background application
 TPPSTRY.exe ? System tray application for Windows 98 and ME
 TPPNTTRY.exe ? System tray application for Windows 2000 and XP
 TPPUN.exe ? Uninstaller


PL-2507 & PL-3507 Win98 USB Mass Storage Driver

Release Update: 04/24/2003
Driver Set version: v1.0.1.6B

Driver Version:
pl2507u.sys --
pl2507s.pdr -- date version 4/11/2003

Safe Remover Utility:
Remove.exe -- date version 4/24/2003


Changes on this update:
(1) Change Safe Remover AP icon.
(2) Add INF to display UBS-IDE device in USB Controller under Device Manager.
(3) Support EasyCD Creator software.
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