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Diagnostic utility for PATA(IDE) and SATA drives. Supports ExcelStor drives up to 250GB capacity. This utility must run in DOS mode (not in a DOS window).
A zip archive of the EStest HDD diagnostic utility. V E R S I O N H I S T O R Y
ESTest version 4.50, 05/23/2008
Change the method to get defect counts

ESTest version 4.40, 04/11/2008
To support for AMALTHEA.

ESTest version 4.30, 10/22/2007
To support GStor Plus normal HDD drive.

ESTest version 4.20, 11/24/2006
To support all build in IDE/SATA controller port.
Added new command line option (ESTEST /D:? ) to show drive

ESTest version 4.10, 06/15/2006
To support Callisto II product.

ESTest version 4.00, 03/21/2006
Fixed the bug when enable interrupt mode and caused the some system fail to test.

ESTest version 3.90, 09/05/2005
Fixed the bug that not able to test Gemini drive.

ESTest version 3.80, 09/05/2005
Added to perform read verify for GStor Drive
Added the option to log all or only log failed

ESTest Version 3.70, 02/16/2005
Change the way to check for ExcelStor drives.

ESTest Version 3.60, 05/024/2004
Added support for Callisto.

ESTest Version 3.50, 05/07/2004
Added support for Ganymede SATA.

ESTest Version 3.40, 12/05/2003
Added support for Ganymede on bad sector checking.

ESTest Version 3.30, 11/27/2003
Added support for Gemini G8.

ESTest Version 3.21, 4/23/2003
Changed the way naming log files, it is now drive serial number based instead of a single estest.log.

ESTest Version 3.20, 4/22/2003
- Improved test platform compatibility by running test in PIO mode.
- A configuration file can be specified in command line by switch /c:filename, other than the default estest.cfg.

ESTest Version 3.11, 4/9/2003
Enabled positioning system test for Gemini.

ESTest Version 3.10, 4/7/2003
Support Gemini drives.

ESTest Version 3.00, 10/27/2002
Support Jupiter product.

ESTest Version 2.00, 3/22/2002
Implemented file signature feature.
- the config file must pass the signature check.
- append signature to log file.

ESTest Version 1.31, 3/15/2002
Improved 1.30.
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