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CMD 648/649 IDE Controllers Windows 95/98/ME Drivers Installation Instructions
Table of Contents

I) Windows 95/98/ME Fresh Installation Instructions.
II) First time installing CMD driver with existing Windows 95/98/ME.
III)Update CMD driver on Windows 95/98/ME system with existing CMD driver.
IV) Optimization using Configuration Utility.
I) Windows 95/98/ME Fresh Installation Instructions.
Follow these instructions in this section if you are freshly installing
Windows 95/98/ME.

You may start up Windows 95/98/ME installation from CD. If your CD-ROM drive is
not bootable, your can start up with floppy diskettes.

1. Install Windows 95/98/ME using the onboard IDE controller. Do not plug in
CMD PCI-IDE controller card at this time.
2. When the operating system installation is completed and system is up and
running. Insert the CMD installation driver diskette into a 3.5" floppy
3. Press the "start" button on the Windows status bar.
4. Select "Run..."
5. Type "a:\win9x\setup"; where "a" is the identifying letter for the 3.5"
floppy drive.
6. After the Setup program copies the driver files from diskette to system
hard drive, the system will prompt "Shutdown the system and install the
PCI-64X IDE controller." When this prompt appears, click "OK" and remove
the installation diskette from the floppy drive.
Windows will shut down the system.
7. Inset CMD PCI-IDE controller into a PCI slot that supports bus-master DMA.
(Your computer's manual should identify the bus-master slots.)
8. Connect your IDE drives to the CMD PCI-IDE controller card.
9. Power up the system. The CMD PCI-IDE controller card on-board BIOS
should automatically detect the drives connected to it once power-up is
10. System will go through the enumeration process and detect new hardware.
At the end of the process, Windows will prompt "to finish setting up
your hew hardware, you must restart your computer." Simply select "No"
for this message and all the other messages that follow. Do a manual
restart from desktop instead (start -> shut down -> restart).
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