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Buslogic Ide Cache Controller
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The Windows 95 Driver (BTIDE.PDR) supports BusLogic IDE Caching Controller
series, which use firmware/BIOS v2.0x. They are: BT-410, BT-510, and BT-910.

Please follow the following instructions to install Windows 95 disk driver:

I. 1st time installation

1. Install Windows 95 System
2. Create a DOS prompt
3. Change directory to win95 system directory\inf
example: cd \windows\inf
4. EDIT "MSHDC.INF" file
5. Find [BAD_IDE] section
6. Add the following statement in [BAD_IDE] section

[email protected]_506.pdr

7. Save MSHDC.INF file and exit DOS prompt

8. Open "Control Panel"
9. Open "System" and Select "Device Manager"
10. Select "Hard disk controllers"
11. double click on "Standard ESDI IDE Controller"
12. Click on "Driver"
13. Click on "Change driver"
14. Click on "Have disk"
15. Change source path to "A:\win95" or wherever the driver is stored.
16. Click on "OK"
17. Click on "OK"
18. Click on "Yes" //restart pc yes/no?//

< If you want to install a 2nd BT-x10A caching controller into the Windows 95 >
< system, please follow the next instructions: >

19. Open "Control Pannel"
20. Select "Add New Hardware"
21. Select "No"
22. Click on "Next"
23. Select "Hard disk controller"
24. Click on "Next"
25. Click on "Have disk"
26. Type "a:\win95"
27. select "BusLogic IDE Cache Controller"
28. Click on "Next"
29. Click on "Next"
30. Click on "Finish"
31. Click on "Yes" //restart pc yes/no?//
32. Shutdown the computer and reboot
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