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Buslogic FlashPoint PCI SCSI Host Adapter
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Windows 95-98-98Se-Me
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This installation procedure describes the steps involved in installing
the FlashPoint protected-mode driver under Windows 95.

1. Use the FlashPoint DOS ASPI driver, FLASHPT.SYS, to do the
initial portion of Win95 install from CDROM. After the system
prompts you to reboot, it continues through the rest of Win95
installation normally using only the BIOS. At no point during
the install will you be prompted to provide the FlashPoint device

2. When the installation is finished and the system is rebooted
for the first time, a warning message appears noting that the
system is not configured for optimal performance.

3. Press the "Details" button. (The message indicates that all
devices are running in MS-DOS compatibility mode. This is because
all I/O requests are still routed through the BIOS interface and
the FlashPoint protected-mode driver has not yet been installed.)

4. Click the Device Manager button. Once in the Device Manager, the
following is displayed:

? Other Devices

5. Click on "? Other Devices", then on "PCI SCSI Bus Controller".

6. Choose "Change Driver", "Other Devices", "Unknown Devices", and
"Have Disk" options, respectively. You will be prompted to
insert the the driver diskette for the unrecognized card.

7. Place the Device Drivers diskette containing the FlashPoint
Windows 95 driver in drive A:. (The diskette contains two files --

8. After providing the diskette containing the driver, a popup message
displays, stating:

BusLogic FlashPoint PCI SCSI Adapter Has a ROM
Windows cannot determine whether it can remove this
device safely. To try removing this device, make sure
you have closed all your documents and programs and
then click Test.

If the test is successful, you can probably remove this
device safely. If you encounter problems, you cannot remove
this device safely while Windows is running.

Avoid running the test as it hangs the system.

9. At this point, you will be prompted to reboot so the new changes
can take effect.
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