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Datawise EPATHD devices ParAllel
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MS-Dos-Windows 3.1x
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Release Notes
Shuttle Installer For DOS and WIN3X
Release: 1.00
Date : 15-Dec-1997

The DOS INSTALLER helps in the installation of Shuttle devices
in the DOS and WIN3X platforms. It supports Shuttle PCCARD/Atapi
devices connected through PCMCIA slots.


1. The installer takes care of copying of the necessary files
from the source (installation diskette) to the target directory
in the End User's system.

2. The installer also allows for System Files updation,
Uninstalling and checking the Operating System of the End User
along with other necessary services.

3. It is possible for the user to manually enter IRQ and PORT
BASE addresses

4. Necessary modifications are made to the AMICARD.INI file if
the AMICARD card and socket services are found to be in use.

5. Applicable only for DOS platform (v5.00 and above). Detects
and terminates installation if the OS is found to be Windows 95.

6. UNINSTAL.EXE takes care of the Uninstalling process.
NOTE: For successful uninstallation two log files , INSTALL.LOG
and SYSUPDT.LOG are required to be present in the target

Known Limitations

1. Multiple configuration in Config.sys is not taken into account
and hence the external module will fail to put the "DEVICE="
statements in the correct common section , if one exists.

2. The Installer does not detect Windows NT if that is the OS
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