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1 Using the Guest Program
2 Software Installation Troubleshooting
3 Electronic Manuals
4 Cautions and Technical Notes
Microsoft Disk Copy Utilities
32-bit Access
Windows Format Utility
Microsoft Backup
Installing Applications to the Zip Drive
5 Pass-Through on the Parallel Port Zip Drive
Other Pass-Through Devices
6 Optimizing Parallel Port Zip Drive Transfer Speed
Under DOS

Section 1
Using the Guest Program

The Guest program allows you to use a portable Zip drive on
another computer without having to permanently install
either an Iomega driver or Zip Tools software.

There are versions of Guest for Windows 95/98, Windows 3.1/DOS
and Macintosh systems:

* For Windows 95/98, run GUEST9X.EXE from the Windows/DOS
Install disk (floppy or CD). If you encounter any problems, see
"GUEST9x.HLP" on the Install diskette.

* For Windows 3.1/DOS systems, run GUEST.EXE from the
from the Windows/DOS Install diskette. Refer to the
GUESTHLP.TXT file on the Install diskette for
additional information on using GUEST.EXE with IBM-
compatible PC's.

* For information on using Guest on Macintosh systems,
refer to the GUESTHLP.TXT file on the Windows/DOS
Install diskette.

NOTE: On Windows 3.1, DOS, or Macintosh systems, running
the Guest program provides a temporary driver installation
that is removed when the computer is shut down or restarted.
Running Guest permanently installs the drivers needed to
support Iomega hardware under Windows 95/98.

Section 2
Software Installation Troubleshooting

Refer to the MANUAL.EXE file on the Windows/DOS Install
diskette for software troubleshooting information on
computers running Windows 95/98, Windows 3.1, and DOS. Section
4 in this Readme file contains detailed instructions on
accessing MANUAL.EXE.

Note for users of Adaptec EZ-SCSI:
For information on using Iomega software and Adaptec EZ-SCSI
on the same system, refer to "Special Information for Users
of Adaptec EZ-SCSI" in Appendix A of MANUAL.EXE.
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