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Storage & Tape Backup
Domex DMX-8651 F2B Photo Storage Card Reader
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Windows 98-Me-2000-XP
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LSI Logic is providing the enclosed Storage Device Management
System (SDMS) 4.0 drivers electronically for your convenience.
SDMS is a trademark of LSI Logic Corporation.

While the files are provided to you, it does not imply technical
support on the part of LSI Logic should any problems arise during
the use or operation of these drivers. For the following reasons,
LSI Logic highly recommends that you contact either the place where
you purchased your system or the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
of your system's motherboard for technical issues pertaining to SDMS.
Please note the following information:

* LSI Logic works with its OEM customers to correct any
anomalies that may occur within the complex interaction
of the operating system, driver, BIOS and hardware. Your
OEM is most aware of these interactions and would be the
one most capable of diagnosing a problem and, if necessary,
working with LSI Logic to correct it. It is the experience
of LSI Logic that what appears to be a LSI Logic SCSI problem
often is not and is indeed a system or software installation

* By contacting the OEM for support, you will be assured of
receiving the latest SDMS BIOS and drivers that have been
verified, certified, and licensed by your OEM on that OEM's
hardware platform.
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