How do I install new drivers

Installation of drivers


This is a very simple task.

Create a temporary file and call it "Drivers" (for example). You will put the downloaded files from the manufacturer’s website in this file. 
Usually, the a file is downloaded with the extension "EXE" that installs the drivers automatically. Run this program and follow the instructions.
If you do not receive the program with the "EXE" extension but receive a set of files, install the controller as follows:

Open the Control Panel.
Select Add or remove hardware.


An assistant will take you to a dialogue to select the device you wish to install.


The next window will give you the option of selecting the manufacturer and the model. In this menu, select Have Disk


Now press Examine to find the directory where the files are stored in the hard disk. 


In the next window, indicate the route where the files are located and select the one with the "INF" extension.

The next dialog window lets you choose the device you wish. Once the following windows have been validated, the controller is now installed.


Windows NT 4.0 does not have the "Add or remove hardware" icon. If you have this operating system, install the drivers through the corresponding icons. For example, to install a video controller go the Screen icon, or Network for a network card, etc. The remaining steps are the same.



The windows and dialog boxes, etc. can vary from one operating system to antother. Do not worry, installation is always very similar and intuitive.

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