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Windows 95-98-98 Se-Me-NT-2000-XP-2003
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Windows Drivers for Thermal-transfer Printers by Euro Plus
(Windows 95/98, ME, NT 4, 2000, XP, 2003)
NiceDrivers make it possible to use your thermal transfer
printer in Windows environment as any standard Windows printer.
Support for thermal transfer printers is not natively included in
Windows distributions and you have to obtain them elsewhere. Euro
Plus is one of the leading thermal-transfer printer drivers
developers. Apart from using TrueType fonts and graphics images with
NiceDrivers, you can also print bar codes and use internal (built-
in) printer fonts for fastest printout.
For driver installation instructions please read this README below.

NiceDrivers allow you to print labels from any Windows application
(MS Word, MS Excel, Paradox,...) but the real power of NiceDrivers
is shown in conjunction with a professional Windows labeling
software. NiceLabel is such a labeling package and it offers full
label design control and easy connectivity to any external database
containing label data. Here are more benefits of using NiceDrivers
with NiceLabel package:

- Optimal usage of your printer capabilities with all built-in
functions (automatic serial numbering and bar code incrementing)
- Printing speed is pushed to the limit with usage of built-in
bar codes and optimisation of re-sending only the part of the label
that is different from previous one
- WYSIWYG designing and printing power of one of the most
technically advanced and user-friendly environments

NiceLabel is available in many packages, each created especially
with end-user in mind. Some packages are suitable for beginners and
other for power users that need ultimate connectivity and
integration with existing information systems.

NiceLabel Suite
- The Complete Label Printing Software Solutions

NiceLabel Pro
- Full-Featured Labeling Software

NiceLabel Express
- Entry-Level Labeling Software

For more information about professional labeling software NiceLabel
and download of free DEMO versions please visit the website at

The driver installation will begin when you click the Next button.
On the next screen you will be able to select your printer model and
finish the installation procedure. If you need to reinstall the
printer driver at any later time or want to install a new model,
please run the program PRNINST.EXE from the folder you extracted
files to. Default location is C:\EuroPlus\
If for some reason you want to install printer drivers manually,
please follow next installation instructions:

1. Start Windows.
2. In Start menu select Settings|Printers. Printers folder opens.
3. Start "Add Printer" Wizard
4. On page with available printers select "Have disk"
5. Enter path to directory with decompressed files (default folder
is C:\EuroPlus\
5. If you have Windows NT 4.0 browse to the subfolder NT40.
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