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The ATA-100 controller provides one 40-pin, 80-conductor IDE cable with a black connector on one end, a blue connector on the other and a gray connector in the middle.
How to connect the IDE cable to the drive :
1. Attach the black connector to the Master IDE drive
2. Attach the blue connector to the ATA-100 controller
3. Attach the gray connector to the Slave IDE drive (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, CD-RW, tape drive, secondary hard drive)
Windows 95 / 98 / ME Drivers installation
When installing ATA-100 to an existing Windows 95/98/ME system, you need to run the Setup program to install the driver before you install the ATA-100 controller into your system.
1. Start the “Setup.exe” from the driver disk.
2. After the Setup program copies the driver files, the system will prompt "Shutdown the system and install the PCI-64x IDE controller". When this prompt appears, click "OK" and remove the driver disk. Windows wll shut down the system.
3. Wait until the system power is down. Plug in ATA-100 controller card. Connect the drives to the controller. Power up the system.
4. Windows will detect the new hardware. At the end of installation process, Windows will prompt "to finish setting up your hardware, you must restart your computer." Select "No" for this message and all the other messages that follow. Do a manual restart from desktop instead (Start-Shutdown-Restart).
Optimization using Configuration UtiIity
After driver installation, the configuration will be set to a default mode that maximizes the performance of the drives connected to the ATA-100 controller. In most cases, this means the controller is tuned to highest transfer mode that is supported by your drives. Normally you don't need to change the controller configuration.
If you want to configure the default setting of the controller configuration, follow the following steps :
1. Open "System Properties" and click on the Device Manager tab.
2. "System Properties" can be accessed by two ways. The first method is through the Control Panel by the mouse sequence: "Start Button-Setting-Control Panel-System." The second method is to right click on the "My Computer" icon and then select Properties.
3. Under "Hard Disk Controllers" you should see "CMD-PCS0649 Bus Master PCI to IDE Controller", "Primary CMD Bus Master IDE Controller". Double click on the the latter two that corresponds to the channel that you wish to configure. Select the "Settings" tab.
4. Change the "PCI Bus Speed" to match the PCI speed of your computer. Refer to your system manual of the PCI BUS Speed.
Normally after tne driver is installed, the "16-bit PIO” and "Use LBA Mode on Small Drives" options will he unchecked and "Enable DMA on ATAPI Drives" option is checked. "Enable DMA" could be either checked or unchecked depending on the transfer mode supported by the drive. Generally, you want leave them as default. However, user can change them to different setting.
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