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Billionton U2CRS-N
Windows 98-98Se-Me-2000-XP
Version Driver
USB97C210 Win98 and Win2K Drivers Version 2.50

The drivers supplied with this distribution are for Windows 98 and 2000 only. Windows Me and XP have built in driver support for the USB97C210.

You have the option of installing the driver using the "USB97C210 Win98 and Win2K Driver Installation vXXX.exe" installation utility, or manually installing with the files included in the "Windows 98" or "Windows 2000" folders.

Note that the automated installer only works with the VID/PID 0424/20FC. If you change the VID/PID in the firmware, the automated installer will not work. In that case, you would have to change the VID/PID entry in the "usbatap1.inf" (Windows 98) or "smscstor.inf" (Windows 2000) file to match the modiified VID/PID in the firmware.
Change History:

v1.40- Modified the Windows 98 driver to prevent application removal of a child PDO which causes the OS to crash.

v1.70- The Windows 98 port driver now automatically retries on write failures if returned request sense value is 2,4,8.

In Windows 98 on a STALL, the pipe is now only reset once. Previous versions attempted to reset the pipe twice, which caused problems with the USBD.sys driver.

Reversed the previous change in v1.40 to again allow removal of the child PDO in Windows 98.

v1.80- Added support for the Mode Sense 10 command which was implemented in the USB97C210 firmware in versions and later. This command was implemented to add functionality in Mac OS 9.x.

v1.90- Minor bug fixes to improve the performance of the Windows 98 driver during suspend and resume operations.

v2.00- Fixes bug in Windows 2000 where the verify command would fail with DOS file copies "copy /v".

Note: If you are using any USB97C210 firmware version or later with Windows 2000 you must use a Windows 2000 driver version 1.80 or later. Previous versions of the driver do not support the Mode Sense 10 command implemented in the firmware and will not function correctly with the latest firmware in Windows 2000.

v2.10- Made a small change to the Windows 98 driver to accomodate future enhancements to the USB97C210.

v2.50- Fixes the Windows 98 issue where the SMSC driver could potentially conflict with other OEM Windows 98 MSC drivers causing either the SMSC or OEM driver not to load.
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