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- Overview
- Installation
- VESA (Super VGA) display mode support
- Updating your graphics card BIOS
- Digital flat panel support (G200 models)
- 8x14 font support
- Diagnostic program for PCI graphics cards

Matrox DOS utilities are DOS-based programs that support Matrox graphics

The Matrox graphics cards supported by this software are: Millennium,
Mystique, Mystique 220, Millennium II, Productiva G100, Millennium G200,
Mystique G200, Marvel G200, Marvel G200-TV, Millennium G200 SD, Millennium
G200 LE.

This document assumes you're familiar with the basics of the operating system
you're using (for example, DOS or Windows). For more information on how to use
your operating system, see its documentation or your system manual.

IMPORTANT: Some Matrox DOS utilities may not work properly if run from a DOS
window. We recommend that you run them directly from DOS by restarting your computer and using the F8 key, then selecting the safe mode command prompt.


To install Matrox DOS utilities, run the "install" program included with the
distribution files, then follow the on-screen instructions.

IMPORTANT: By default, this program installs Matrox DOS utilities to
"c:\mga\setup". The following information assumes a default installation. If
you change the path, remember to substitute the correct path when using the
following information.
VESA (Super VGA) display mode support

Some DOS-based programs (for example, games and CAD programs) use VESA
(Super VGA) display modes.

The BIOS of all Matrox graphics cards support a display resolution up to
800 x 600 for VESA display modes. On some models, resolutions above
800 x 600 are supported through a seperate program called "".
For those models this program is automatically added to your "autoexec.bat"
file when you install Matrox DOS utilities.

The following VESA display modes are supported by either the BIOS of your
Matrox graphics card or the "tsrvesa" program:

Display | Simultaneous display colors
resolution | 16 256 32 K 64 K 16 M
640 x 400 | (VGA) 100 -- -- --
640 x 480 | (VGA) 101 110 111 112
800 x 600 | 102 103 113 114 115
1024 x 768 * | -- 105 116 117 ** 118 **
1280 x 1024 * | -- 107 119 ** 11A ** --
1600 x 1200 * | -- 11C 11D ** 11E ** --

* May require a the "tsrvesa" memory resident program
** Requires 4 MB or more of graphics memory

By default, your Matrox graphics card uses standard monitor settings
(a 60 Hz refresh rate) with DOS programs that use VESA display modes.
However, your monitor may be capable of higher monitor settings.
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