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Description of this release

This product includes a Windows 95/98 display driver AND the Matrox
PowerDesk for Windows 95/98, which allows: virtual desktop, hardware
pan and zoom, DirectDraw/Direct3D driver and more...

To install both Matrox PowerDesk and the Matrox display driver, start the
included "setup" program.

The setup program first asks you which language you want to use, then
to choose between a "Typical" or "Custom" installation. With a
"Typical" installation, the setup program installs all Matrox PowerDesk
utilities in the default "\Program Files\Matrox MGA PowerDesk" folder.
We recommend you use "Typical".

After PowerDesk is installed, the setup program automatically changes
the Windows 95/98 display driver, then prompts you to restart your computer
for all changes to take effect.

You can customize the installation process by editing the "mga.ini"
file. For example, you can change the default installation path, default
driver performance switches, default schemes, and so on. The file is
self-documented. This type of customization is for advanced users only.
More information

For more information on settings, refresh rates etc., see the WordPad
file "online.doc". This file is included on the Matrox disk, and installed
in your "\Program Files\Matrox MGA PowerDesk\" folder.
Registry settings

PowerDesk settings are kept in the Windows 95/98 registry, under the keys:

Notes, problems, and limitations

- DirectDraw, Direct3D and DirectVideo support

The DirectDraw driver we provide is compatible with DirectX 2 (and
later) and includes Direct3D support. For our DirectDraw/Direct3D
driver to be called, and benefit from hardware acceleration,
Microsoft DirectX 2 (or later) MUST be installed, even for programs
originally made for DirectX 1.
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