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Matrox Millennium G200
fAmily's graphics board. Certified Display
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Windows 2000-XP
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- Description of this release
- Installation
- More information
- Notes, problems, and limitations
Description of this release

Matrox PowerDesk software includes a display driver and display
utilities. With this software, you can take full advantage of your
Matrox graphics hardware and you can access additional Matrox
display-related features.

To install Matrox PowerDesk, start the "Setup" program included
with it, then follow the on-screen instructions.

The setup program will only install software if a Matrox graphics
card model supported by the setup program is installed in your
More information

For more information on Matrox PowerDesk, see the help file
included with it. For information specific to your Matrox graphics
card, see your Matrox or system manual.
Notes, problems, and limitations

- Installation in different language versions of Windows

If you install software in a language different from the
language of your operating system (for example, English software
on a Japanese system), you may have problems with text and
dialog box controls being cut off. This is because of
differences in system fonts.

- OpenGL (3D) support

If you have a newer Matrox product or your Matrox software was
provided by the manufacturer of your computer, full OpenGL
support may be disabled with your Matrox display driver. For a
Matrox display driver with full OpenGL support enabled, see the
Matrox Web site ( (If your Matrox product
was provided by the manufacturer of your computer, check the Web
site of that manufacturer for a display driver. A display driver
provided by the manufacturer of your computer is more likely to
be tested with your computer model.)

- Video playback with DualHead modes

If you have a DualHead supporting graphics card and you're
using DualHead Multi-Display, Clone, or Zoom mode, digital video
may appear as a solid color on your secondary display. This can
happen if video is played using the hardware-overlay feature of
your Matrox graphics card. Video played using the overlay
feature is generally of higher quality but it can be viewed only
on your main display.

Because only one program at a time can use the overlay feature,
any other program started while the overlay feature is used
won't be able to use the feature.
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