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Table of Contents:

1 Introduction
2 Installing & Configuring NVIDIA POWERdraft
3. Troubleshooting


1 Introduction

NVIDIA(R) POWERdraft(tm) can be used with any of these applications:

* AutoCAD(R) 2002
* AutoCAD 2000
* AutoCAD 2000i
* AutoCAD Architectural Desktop(R) Release 3.3
* AutoCAD Architectural Desktop Release 2
* AutoCAD Architectural Desktop Release 2i
* Mechanical Desktop Release 6
* Mechanical Desktop Release 5
* Mechanical Desktop Release 4

NOTE: AutoCAD installation is required in order to run
Mechanical Desktop or Architectural Desktop applications.


1.1 Additional Documentation

* "NVIDIA POWERdraft Release Notes", a PDF file, provides
details on "Fixed Issues" and current "Known Issues".

* "NVIDIA POWERdraft User's Guide", a PDF file, provides
details on POWERdraft features and how to use them.

* "NVIDIA POWERdraft Online Help" is online Help on POWERdraft
features and how to use them.

2. Installing and Configuring NVIDIA POWERdraft

The following topics are discussed in this section:

- Components of the NVIDIA POWERdraft Software
- System Requirements (overview)
- Setting Directory Access Rights
- Confirming NVIDIA POWERdraft Version Number
- Installing NVIDIA POWERdraft
- Starting NVIDIA POWERdraft
- Modifying, Repairing, or Uninstalling NVIDIA POWERdraft


2.1 Components of the NVIDIA POWERdraft Software

The NVIDIA POWERdraft installation software consists of:

README.TXT -> this file that you are reading
SETUP.EXE -> installation program for Windows
all others -> files needed by SETUP

The online Help file is installed during POWERdraft


2.2 System Requirements (overview)

NOTE: Refer to the NVIDIA POWERdraft User's Guide for further
details on System Requirements.
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