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This readme document contains the following information:

1. Overview and Key Features
2. Supported Languages
3. Software Contents
4. System Requirements
5. About NVIDIA MAXtreme Installation (setup.exe)
6. Installation Procedure
7. Uninstallation Procedure
8. Known Issue
Additional Documentation

For detailed information about using the NVIDIA(R) MAXtreme(TM) driver features, see the following documentation:

* NVIDIA MAXtreme Online Help
* NVIDIA MAXtreme User's Guide
1. Overview and Key Features

The Release 6 NVIDIA MAXtreme 3D application driver is a tool that enhances the productivity of the discreet(R)
3ds max(R) 6 application.

The NVIDIA MAXtreme driver is optimized for use with the full line of NVIDIA Quadro(R) GPU-based graphics cards. It allows
you to control the application’s viewport display quality and rendering speed as well as enables a variety of
rendering enhancements.

You can use the NVIDIA MAXtreme Driver Configuration dialog
box to customize the driver for display quality and speed.

NVIDIA MAXtreme supports the rendering of Standard Fog into the viewports. You can enable this feature from the NVIDIA
MAXtreme Driver Configuration dialog box. Currently, only one
Linear or Exponential Standard Fog is supported. Additional
Standard Fogs and all Layered Fogs are ignored.

When you have an NVIDIA MAXtreme configuration dialog box open inside 3ds max 6 application, press F1 to display online Help about the NVIDIA MAXtreme configuration options. During NVIDIA MAXtreme installation, MAXtreme Help (a .chm file) is
normally installed in the 3ds max Help directory. You can
also view the Help outside the application, if needed.

2. Supported Languages

The NVIDIA MAXtreme user interface supports the English language.

The NVIDIA MAXtreme online Help supports the following
languages: English, German, Spanish, Chinese (simplified),
French, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese (traditional).

3. Software Contents
The NVIDIA MAXtreme SETUP directory contains the following

* MAXTREME6_README.TXT is the document you are currently

* SETUP.EXE is the MAXtreme installation program for Windows.

* Miscellaneous files required for installation
4. System Requirements
Before you install and use NVIDIA MAXtreme, be sure to
have met the following requirements:
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