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This README document contains the following information:

1. Introduction
2. Contents of Directory
3. Installation
4. Uninstallation
5. Notes
6. Known Issues

NOTE For detailed information about the NVIDIA® MAXtreme™
driver, system requirements, installation and configuration,
known and fixed issues, and using MAXtreme features,
see the following documentation:

* NVIDIA MAXtreme Release Notes (PDF file)

* NVIDIA MAXtreme User's Guide (PDF file)

* NVIDIA MAXtreme Online Help (HTML-based)

NVIDIA MAXtreme is a 3D driver that is highly optimized for use
with NVIDIA Quadro®, Quadro®2, and Quadro®4 GPU-based workstation
graphics cards, which enhance the capabilities of the
interactive renderer. You can use the MAXtreme configuration dialog
box to customize the NVIDIA MAXtreme driver for display quality
and speed. Using Stereo shutter glasses, you can use the NVIDIA MAXtreme
Stereo feature to view your drawings and animations in true stereo.

NVIDIA MAXtreme is designed to work with any one of these
Autodesk® and Autodesk discreet® applications:

* 3ds max™ 5
* 3ds max™ 4
* 3D Studio® MAX® Release 3
* 3D Studio VIZ® Release 3i
* 3D Studio VIZ Release 3

One of the above applications must already be installed on your computer
before you install and run NVIDIA MAXtreme.

The NVIDIA MAXtreme Setup program automatically installs the
version of MAXtreme (Release 3 or Release 4) that is
compatible with your installed version of the Autodesk or Autodesk
discreet application.

NOTE: NVIDIA MAXtreme 4 (and 4.00.xx versions) works with
3ds max 4 (and later versions) but is not compatible with
3D Studio MAX 3.


The NVIDIA MAXtreme SETUP directory contains the following files:

File Description
Readme.txt this file
Setup.exe installation program for Windows
(all other files) required for installation

NOTE: The Help file (MAXtreme*.chm) is installed during
NVIDIA MAXtreme installation in the 3ds max (3D Studio
MAX or VIZ) Help directory.
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