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README Contents:

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Release Notes
3.0 Jaton Graphic Accelerator Driver Installation Procedure
4.0 Web Site Location and Access
1.0 Introduction
This README file contains the installation procedure and usage
information for the Jaton graphics accelerator software, and latest version of DirectX*. The software and hardware
requirements for this release are as follows:

## Software Drivers (SDR) Version: PV3.0W
## Windows* 95 Version: OSR2.1 or 2.5**
## Windows* 98 Version: RCO (1691)
## DirectX* 5.0 Version: RC2-Gold (
## Indeo CODEC 4.4, 4.5
## Video BIOS version: 212, 220, 230, 231
## Intel740 graphics accelerator stepping A2

Version number
## Driver Release Version #

Video BIOS/Driver compatible combination
VIDEO BIOS PV 2.0a PV 2.1 PC3.0
---------- ------- ------ ------
VB212 yes yes yes
VB220 yes yes yes
VB230 yes yes yes
VB231 no no yes

The graphics accelerator is optimized to run with the following PC configurations:
(1) Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R)II processors
(2) Motherboard: Based on the Intel(R) 440LX, 440BX, 440GX AGPset
or a later generation Intel AGPset, motherboard must have an
unpopulated AGP slot or the Intel740 chip must be down on the
(3) Operating System: Windows* 95 OSR 2.1 or later (with USB
Supplement) or Windows* 98.

**When loading the Jaton Video-740 drivers for Windows 95 OSR2.x for the first time, the software should be loaded in the following order:
(1) Load OSR2.0 or OSR2.5
(2) Load the "USB Supplement" (brings it up to OSR2.1 level or
(3) Load the Video-740 drivers.
Note: If this is not done in this order, then the Video-740 drivers
will not be loaded properly and the standard Microsoft VGA drivers
will be loaded instead.

Also included are release notes describing any problems or issues that
were known at the time of shipment.
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