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Our Xabre software package consists of VGA drivers, utilities and Installation/Uninstallation programs for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP. The installation/uninstallation programs are capable of installing/uninstalling VGA drivers and utilities respectively. Our utilities consist of utility manager, driver mode setting utility, gamma correction utility, video setting utility, TV output setting utility, center screen for TV, product and file information utility, Xabre utility tray, AGP information utility, 3D wizard utility, OSD, hotkey define utility and SiSFlash utility.
The objective of this document is to introduce all utilities in Xabre applications for Windows 98/ME/2K/XP briefly and give users a common view upon our VGA utilities. The detail descriptions of all utilities will be mentioned in the following documents that will cover "utility outlook", "function descriptions", "operation environment" and the related information.
Utility Introduction
(1) Utility manager:
It acts as an entrance for users to enter all SiS utilities. Users can move the mouse upon an animation utility button shown in utility manager and press it to invoke the specified utility dialog.

(2) Driver mode setting:
It provides users to change display state, including driver mode, output device and resolution.

(3) Gamma correction:
It provides users to adjust the screen color TINT, the tint range from blue to red, according the preference of the users.

(4) Video setting:
It provides users to adjust the hue, saturation, contrast, and brightness of video display.

(5) TV output setting:
It provides users to adjust the TV screen position and TV filter.

(6) Center screen for TV:
It provides users to adjust display boundary on TV system.

(7) Product and file information:
It is aimed to list out the product information and the related files information included in the Xabre VGA package.

(8) Xabre utility tray:
It acts the launcher of SiS utilities.

(9) AGP information:
It is aimed to show the current AGP transfer rate of the system.

(10) 3D wizard:
It provides users to adjust the "3DStereo", "OverClock", "D3D", "OpenGL" and other 3D settings.

(11) OSD:
It provides users to adjust utility setting quickly through the OSD window and hotkey. User can adjust the 3D stereo, Gamma and Video Setting in OSD window by hotkeys.

(12) Hotkey define:
It provides friendly ways for users to define hotkeys associated with specified functions of "OSD" or "3D Stereo".

(13) SiSFlash:
It provides users to backup or update flash ROM data on graphic card.
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