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Gigabyte GA-650
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Windows 98
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This file describes normal display driver installation procedures for
Windows 98. Use these procedures when installing the display drivers
provided in this directory.


Click Start, then Settings, then Control Panel.

Start the "Display" applet program.

Select the "Settings" page, push the "Change Display Type" button.

Push the "Change" button in the "Adapter Type" area.

Push the "Have Disk" button and press "OK".

Specify the path to the new driver and press the

Example 1: Insert the drivers disk in the A: floppy drive,
and enter A:\.

Example 2: Type in the name of the directory where you copied
the drivers, either on your local hard drive or
on a network share.

Example 3: If you're not sure exactly where the drivers are,
choose the "Browse..." button are find them.

The "Select Device" dialog box will appear. Select the adapter that
corresponds to the one you installed in your machine and click OK.

Windows 98 will copy the display drivers to the proper directories
on your system.

Continue choosing Close until asked to restart your machine from the
"Systems Settings Change" dialog box.

After the system has restarted, you can go back into the Display
applet and select alternate screen resolutions and color depths.
Graphics cards
Gigabyte GA-650
Operating Systems
Windows NT
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Windows NT 4.0 Video Device Driver for GA-650
****Installing your new Video Driver for Windows NT 4.0.****

1. Start system with Windows NT 4.0 installed.
2. IMPORTANT: When the "Please select the operating system to start..." message
is displayed, select "Windows NT Workstation Version 4.00 [VGA mode]".
3. From "Start", select the "Settings group", then click on the
"Control Panel" icon.
4. In the "Control Panel", double click on the "Display" icon.
5. In the "Settings" screen, click on the "Display Type..." button.
6. From the "Display Type" screen, and in the "Adapter Type" section, click
on the "Change..." button.
7. In the "Change Display" screen, click on the "Have Disk..." button.
8. Insert the new display driver diskette into the A:\ drive, then click on
the "OK" button.
9. From the list of displayed GA-650 devices, select your device.
10. From "Third-party Drivers", click on the "Yes" button to proceed.
11. If a message appears stating the driver is already installed on the
system, and asks if you want to use the current or new drivers, be sure
to select the "New" button.
12. If prompted for the driver diskette a second time, click on the
"Continue" button.
13. When the message "The drivers were successfully installed" is displayed,
remove the display driver diskette, then click on the "OK" button.
14. Back at the "Display Type" window, click on the "Close" button.
15. Back at the "Display Properties" window, click on the "Close" button.
16. When you see the "System Settings Change" window, asking if you wish to
restart your computer, click on the "Yes" window to reboot now.

NOTE: If installing Windows NT 4.00 with the GA-650 currently installed
in the system:

Proceed through the Windows NT installation as normal. The installation
program will prompt the user to choose a display mode. Choose the
"Cancel" button from the "Display Settings" screen to ignore this step
for now. The installation will now finish. Once Windows NT has started
for the first time, proceed to follow the steps outlined above to install
the driver for your S3 device.
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