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TVIX HD TUNER can play HDTV without a
digital TV set-top box with excellent and super-
clear display on HDTV screens .
You can watch other channels while recording a
program you want, but the tuner does not
support two-channel recording at the same
time.(T-441 & T-341)
TViX Tuner has the various recording features
like direct recording/scheduled recording and
repeated manual recording, so you cannot miss
single program of digital TV.
It's a completely different type of PVR since you
can easily upgrade and expand the capacity of
HDD by themselves like PC upgrading.
And you can backup the recorded file to/from
the PC.
TViX Tuner implements all the DVB-T features
like EPG/ scheduled recording/ PC-connectivity
and this will let user enjoy all the fruits of the
digital broadcasting as well as the supreme
audio and video qualities.
When using the HDTV mode, you can
configure the sleep time.
If the sleep time is reached when the recording
is in progress, the TViX will shut down after
finishing the recording.

? Do not drop the device. It may cause critical
damage to the hard drive.
? Do not touch the power plug with wet hands or
use defective power cables & electric outlets.
It may cause electric shocks or fire.
? Keep all magnetic materials away from the TViX.
Magnetic materials such as speakers or magnets
may erase or cause damage to the data stored in
the hard disk.
? Do not try to disassemble or remodel the device.
It may cause malfunction or fire.
? Do not detach the tuner box when the TViX is working.
It may damage the TViX or the tuner and void your
? We recommend using a threaded-type antenna
? Checking Digital signal Reception
- Press the INFO button on the remote control.
The Signal strength meter will appear on the
- If signal strength meter indicates less than 60%,
adjust your antenna to increase the signal
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