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This README file contains the following important information:

1. General Notes
2. Installation
3. Choosing a Monitor
4. Known Restrictions
5. Known Issues
6. Contacting Diamond

1. General Notes
If you don't need to use INCONTROL TOOLS/Multi Monitor features, please
use the installation notes in step 3.
Viper V330 Series
2. Installation using INCONTROL TOOLS/Multi Monitor features
The program calls stated below refer to the installation from the
installation diskette.

Insert the Viper 330 Multi-Monitor Diskette into drive A:. Select the
menu item 'Run' from the Start Menu. Then enter:


2.1 Choosing a Monitor
Please be aware that you can only take full advantage of the features
provided by the Viper 330 Multi-Monitor driver if the other components
of your system, especially the graphic monitor that is being used, also
comply with the specifications of the Viper 330.
(Example : The resolution 1280x1024 that is supported by the Viper 330
can obviously not be used with a monitor that is
specified to only support resolutions up to 1024x768).

To set the display resolution and refresh rate for Windows NT 4, use
Display Properties Settings.

Only use settings that your monitor supports. If you use the monitor
outside the specified ratings then it may suffer permanent damage!
If you change the monitor then you must compare the ratings first
and should reconfigure accordingly!

2.2 Known Restrictions
The Viper 330 Multi-Monitor driver only works with the Windows NT 4
operating system.
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