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This is version 2.24 of the Windows 95 driver for the Viper Series. This is an
accelerated driver. This driver currently supports the following Diamond Viper
display adapters:

Viper Pro PCI & VLB
Viper SE PCI & VLB
Viper PCI & VLB

Driver Installation Procedure
- A -
If you are Installing Windows 95 for the first time.

1. If you have a PCI-bus Display Adapter the Plug&Play manager will recognize
the Weitek Chipset and during installation you may be asked to select the
drivers for your display card (If not asked then choose VGA and refer to the
next Procedure). There is usually a list of several driver installation
options, including buttons for "Default", "Standard VGA" etc.

2. Choose the "Manufacturer Supplied Drivers" option in the window and then the
Have Disk button. Insert the diskette containing the Drivers (e.g. the diskette
in A: drive) and enter the location of the driver diskette e.g. A:\ (if the
diskette is in that drive)

3. Choose the appropriate option that matches the description of the card in
your system and click on OK.

The drivers will be installed and you will be returned to the main Settings
window where you can select your preferred resolution and color depth. After
you have selected a mode you will be asked if System can be restarted. Restart
the system and enjoy !

- B -

If Windows95 is already installed with VGA (or other, or previous version)
display drivers

1. The Help File WTKCPLX.HLP has now been expanded to provide driver
information and support in installing the Driver. To run the file open the
Folder for the Driver\Directory the file is located in and double-click on the
Help File and follow the instructions detailed in "Driver Installation".

1. Open the Control Panel folder and choose the Display Icon or, Using the
mouse, right-click on an empty space in the main Desktop Window and choose

N.B. If, upon entering the Display Setting dialog, a window should appear
claiming that the detected Display Adapter configuration is in error, do not
click OK instead click on Cancel and proceed to step 2.

2. Change Display Type. Normally Windows will ask that the card be re-detected
using the "Add New Hardware" wizard. By selecting Cancel you can avoid this
unnecessary and lengthy process.

3. Click on the Settings tab and then click on the button Change Display Type.

4. You should first select the Monitor Model to match your system if this is
already done skip to the next step.

5. Click on the Change button in the Adapter Type window and then the Have
Disk button.
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