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This is the Diamond Stealth 3D Series Windows 95 Display Drivers with
InControl Tools 95.

I. Windows 95 Installation Notes
A. If Windows 95 is already installed
1. When you first install the video card in the system and power on, Windows 95
will inform you that it has discovered a new "PCI VGA-Compatible Display
Adapter" and will prompt you to install drivers for it. At this point you
will want to select "Do not install a driver" and click "OK".

2. Next select "Cancel" when the message box appears indicating that your
display adapter is not configured properly. Select "Cancel" once again when
the "Display Properties" dialog comes up.

3. Next right click on "My Computer" and select "Properties". Then select the
"Device Manager" tab.

4. Now within the "Device Manager" you will want to double-click "Other
devices", highlight the "PCI VGA-Compatible Display Adapter" and select

5. Now select the "Driver" tab and click the "Change Driver..." button.

6. Scroll through the "Hardware Type" list until you find "Display adapters".
Highlight this selection and click "OK".

7. You should then be able to highlight "(Standard display types)" and select
"OK" to accept the "Standard Display Adapter(VGA)" option.

8. Now click "OK" once again to install the "Standard Display Adapter(VGA)"

9. When Windows 95 prompts you to restart the computer, click "Yes".

10. Once Windows 95 restarts you will want to click the "Start" button, then
choose "Run...".

11. Now insert the Diamond Stealth 3D Series Windows 95 Display Drivers into the
appropriate drive and within the "Run" dialog box type the following:
"x:\INSTALL" where x is the corresponding letter of the drive containing
the Diamond Stealth 3D Series Windows 95 Display Drivers.
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