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This README file contains the following information:

1. System preparation

2. Installation
2.1 Installation under Windows 95
2.2 Installing the Windows NT 3.51 Graphics Driver
2.3 Installing the Windows NT 4.0 Graphics Driver
2.4 Installing the HEIDI Driver for 3DStudio MAX
2.5 Choosing a Monitor

3. Known Restrictions / BugFix-Information

1 System preparation

Follow the hardware installation instructions provided with
your system before beginning the software installation.

Refer to the online user's manual or printed documentation
(if applicable) for a detailed description.

Prior to driver installation, make sure the target operating system
( Windows NT 3.51, NT 4.0, or Windows95 ) is correctly installed
and running.

If the HEIDI driver for AutoDesk 3DStudio MAX is to be installed,
make sure that MAX is installed and running before installing the HEIDI

2. Installation
The installation procedures described below refer to
installation directly from the appropriate driver source
directory. In the following instructions, substitute the
hard disk or removable media drive letter ( for example, C )
and directory where the driver is located when instructed
to enter a drive and path below.

2.1 Installation under Windows 95

1. Click once with the right mouse button with the Windows95
desktop running and nothing selected and then "Properties" to
access the Win95 Display Properties page.

2. In the Display Properties page, select "Settings", then
"Change Display Type..." The current display adapter and monitor
selected will be displayed.

3. Select "Change..." next to the current Adapter Type. This
will bring up the Select Device page.

4. Select "Have Disk", and enter the drive letter and directory
containing the drivers to be installed.

5. Once installation has been completed, you will have to reboot
your computer in order to begin work with the new driver set.
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