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Diamond EDGE 3D Windows 95 Drivers with InControl Tools 95 README.TXT
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Release Notes
This is version 4.02.101 of the Diamond Windows 95 Drivers disk, with
InControl Tools 95 version 4.02.244. This driver currently supports the
following Diamond display adapters:

EDGE 3D 2000 and 3000 PCI

Section 1 of these instructions apply if version 1.00 of the EDGE 3D release
drivers are presently installed on your system. If version 1.00 is not already
installed, please refer to Section 2 of this README.

New EDGE 3D Applications
This release of EDGE 3D CDROM contains two new items to help you understand
the EDGE technology.

The first application is the EDGE Wizard. This application sets up the
\WINDOWS\DOSSTART.BAT file to reflect the settings you select. DOSSTART.BAT
is used by Windows 95 whenever you select the Restart the computer in MS-DOS
mode? option from the ShutDown dialog. The option selected with the EDGE
3D Wizard allow you to turn ON or OFF the MSDOS joystick support as well as
selecting the MSDOS MIDI port address. In addition, this program tests your
system to verify all the drivers (display, multimedia, joystick, and MPU401
for a MSDOS box) are installed. If one of these drivers is not installed
then it will appear in a dialog within the EDGE Wizard.

The second new feature of this CDROM is the help file. The file EDGE3D.HLP
is placed into your Start menu in Program:InControl Tools folder. You can
select it at any time to learn more about the technology of your EDGE 3D

Section 1

Installing the display driver:
1. Start Windows 95.

2. Right-click on the Desktop and choose Properties.

3. Choose the settings tab and click Change Display Type...

4. Click on Change in the Adapter Type section.

5. Click on Have Disk

6. Type the path to the NV directory on your CDROM.
7. After the files have been copied, close Display Properties. Choose
Yes to restart the computer.

8. After Windows 95 has restarted, do the following to adjust the
display settings:

a. Open Display Properties
Start, Settings, Control Panel, Display

b. Choose Settings and adjust the color palette, desktop
area and font size as you wish.

c. Click OK. You may be asked to restart Windows 95 for
changes to take effect.
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