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Graphics cards
DataExpert DSV5390
Operating Systems
Windows 95-98-NT4
Size Driver
File Name
Software Requirements
DirectX 3.0/5.0/6.0 Compliance

Language Support
English (US) for now.

Additions and Changes

1) Fixed CR22050 MS 3D baseball minimal install hang.
2) Fixed CR22983 Mutiple Directdraw object driver does not manage memory correctly.
3) Fixed CR22905 - It can't play DVD at 1024x768x16 and 1024x768x32.
4) Closed CR23068 WHQL Beta preview failure detecting caps issue as an application problem.
5) Closed CR23070 WHQL Beta Table Fog linear failure as an Application bug.
6) Fixed CR22897 DX6 SDK,D3DIM Samples, MFC Texture got "Using DX5 driver, and ceiling and floor turn black.
7) Fixed CR23000 DX6: WHQL DCT98 DirectDraw: Blt-Stretch & Color Key-Vid to Primary failed.
8) Fixed CR23031 Open 2 DX6,D3DIM Samples,Bend will cause 1st window lost image and 2nd window image flickers.
9) Fixed CR23042 DX6: WHQL DCT98 AGP: DDraw AGP Memory Tests failed.
10) Fixed CR23071 WHQL DCT98 PC-98 Beta Test Preview.
11) Fixed CR23208 3D Winbench 98: In quality tests 29 and 35, the trees are mostly filled in, this is a failure.

Known issue:
CR22777 and CR22783 - The WHQL application does not understand the DXTx compressed texture format. Microsoft has verified this.
CR23068 and CR23070 - Verified that Beta Preview Tests are not required for logo. These items still open.
CR22933 and CR22954 - Current ICD does not show problem.
1) Updated for D3D/ICD synchronization and the ICD is branch based on 6.00.26 release.
2) Added [email protected] Mode. Removed overwriting CR79 for1024x768x16 mode.
3) Fixed CR21323: FF7 texture corruption issue.
4) Fixed MipMap.exe clamp problem.
5) Fixed VU source dimention/address not initial when Tile off problem.
6) Fixed CR22692: F22 hang issue (with 6.10.08x drivers).
7) Fixed CR23031: Open two DX6 D3DIM samples 1st lost image and 2nd flicks.
8) Fixed CR23043: Foresaken starting menu flashing polygons.
9) Fixed CR22698 3D screen saver cause DX6 D3D samples lose image issue.
10) Fixed CR22863 With TV out modes, game like Turok screen flash issue.
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