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3D Blaster Banshee Readme

This readme file contains the following sections:

A. For Windows 95/98 users
B. GlideSwitcher Utility
C. BIOS Upgrade


A. For Windows 95/98 users

Please read through all the sections before you proceed with
the installation.

1. Installation
2. Release Notes
3. Games Compatibility Issue
4. Known Problems
5. General Notes
1. Installation

After running the self-extracting file, run the
setup.exe program. This will install the Windows 95/98
display driver and the GlideSwitcher utility.

If you do not use the setup.exe from the self-extracting file,
you can use the 3dbb9x.inf file to install the Windows display
driver manually.

If you experience problems caused by system incompatibility,
follow the instructions in the section, "BIOS Upgrade" in this
readme file to install the BIOS.
2. Release Notes

a) Erratic mouse pointer

The erratic mouse pointer problem that occurred with the
previous driver has now been fixed.

b) Cyrix non-MMX chip

The driver now supports systems of Cyrix non-MMX chip.
Previously, the driver caused General Protection Fault (GPF)
during Windows' startup.

c) Direct3D Gamma Correction Control

A separate Gamma Correction Control for Direct3D games is
now possible with BlasterControl's Advanced module in the
Display Properties dialog box.

a) Quake, Quake 2 and Hexen 2

Currently, the OGL driver is for full screen only.
Invoking the OGL games in non-full screen may cause
unexpected results.

Refer to the readme file in the Banshee Installation CD's
OpenGL directory for important information.

b) Need for Speed III

If you could not run the game, please download the latest
patch from the game developer's Web site.
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